The pandemic of early 2020 pushed the global population into a new reality. Many of the forms of life we were used to — ways of communicating, gathering, existing — have been transformed in irreversible ways. As members of Guild of Future Architects, we’ve been devoting great time to what all of this means and will mean. We’ve been careful not to operate solely from the current state of the world, but to consider life anew and how best to design future systems for greater levels of trust, justice, and beauty.

My time of quarantine has been spent reflecting on…

by Ari Melenciano

(written for Black Portraitures V at NYU 2019)

In the 1960’s, the U.S. was in the middle of the Vietnam War. Traditional physical weaponry warfare was proving to be unsuccessful with the challenges faced through drastic cultural differences between the Vietnamese and the U.S. So the U.S. embarked on a counter insurgency and domestic research project, known as ARPA, deeply investing in the behavioral and social sciences — creating a more efficient warfare. “The idea was to understand the enemy, to know their hopes, their fears, their dreams, their social networks and their relationships to power.” [1]

There’s an amazing world that lies at the intersections of art and technology. This interdisciplinary field merges the arts, design, technology, engineering and humanities to introduce a great variety of possibilities that further extend everyday life. This guide is meant to be a quick introduction to different creative technology tools and resources that allow and teach innovation across a multitude of emerging mediums.This guide has been developed by Ari Melenciano, an NYU Interactive Telecommunications Graduate Program (ITP) Research Fellow. …

An exploration on the eradication of racial oppression in future times, through speculative design and futuristic ideating of a utopian city and society called, Afrotopolis.

We’re fighting for a better future. But what does that future actually look like? What will it feel like when Black Americans are no longer living in intensely toxic situations that have been carefully designed for White American gain? What type of art would Black artists be able to make when we no longer have to simultaneously fulfill our artistic needs while also fighting to push our culture forward? What will happen when automation entirely…

Ari Melenciano

Artist | Designer | Creative Technologist | Researcher | Founder of Afrotectopia | Teaching Technology, Society and Design at NYU and Pratt

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